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As facile as the workplace gets.

Imagine a world where your organization achieves globally set operational efficiencies in EHS and CAFM by following processes that are tailor-made for your business

Success with symmetry

With Facilig to your rescue, you can now let your people be at their best, where they should work and feel engaged in their environments that are safe, welcoming, and efficient. Reserve an edge by affirming your clients’ satisfaction with the symmetry in your business operations, and ultimate consistency in the quality of your services.

Benefits from our partnership

We have done the fieldwork and have created an ingenious solution for the management of environment, health, safety, and facilities that can be tailored to streamline operations specific to your organization’s requirements, enhancing the quality of your workplace. Let us help you fast-track the success of your business while achieving your corporate sustainability goals.

Integrated system for your every EHS and CAFM need

Take advantage of the ease with which the Facilig interface can identify problems and bottlenecks to give you time to do the corrective actions.

Visually pleasing user interface

Your work environment is crucial to the quality of your work, be it physical or virtual. Along with functionality, users need to have a visually pleasing interface as well as a user-friendly one.

Our features

1. Audit management

Audit management

Set customizable questions and score values based on responses, easily populate relevant forms, instantly notify upon submission, and track steps taken post-submission.

2. Inspection management

Inspection management

Create forms and checklists, schedule recurring inspections and track their status, record results, track corrective actions, and create detailed reports.

3. Incident/accident management

Incident/accident management

Report incidents and notify management for further action, evaluate internal KPIs, and generate customized real-time reports.

4. Improvements and suggestions

Improvements and suggestions

Suggest the up-gradation of existing processes or request for new ones, and be notified once it is approved and instated.

5. Permit & contractor management

Permit & contractor management

Grant access to external contractors, and track the assignment and progression of permits provided within the lifecycle of the assignment.

6. Asset management

Asset management

Manage assets based on their capabilities and lifespan to prevent misuse and increase the opportunity of utilizing them to their maximum, thereby increasing their longevity.

7. Mobile app

Mobile app

With our user-friendly and intuitive interface, updating Facilig on the go has never been easier. You can now schedule an inspection or report an incident on your mobile device; online or offline.

At PiServe, we embrace the limitlessness of innovation

Watch your empire soar to unimaginable heights; gain access to PiServe’s exclusive and reputable innovations, and prepare to unleash your true potential.

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