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Upscaling web performance monitoring capabilities with cloud engineering

Cloud Consulting — 365andUP
Case Study
PiServe helps 365andUP in consolidating infrastructure on AWS, enabling it to handle a surge in service demands seamlessly

About the client

Based in San Francisco, 365andUP is a one-shop-stop platform for monitoring website health in real-time. The company specializes in Uptime monitoring, SSL monitoring, and defacement monitoring services. It is a trusted SaaS partner for global corporations to report on their website uptime, performance, and malware-related aspects. Additionally, 365andUP delivers actionable insights to optimize and make websites search engine friendly.


The on-demand availability and reliability of 365andUP’s web intelligence resulted in an exceptionally high demand for its services. However, the company has been running a hybrid infrastructure composed of multiple public cloud vendors for SaaS deliveries.

The existing architecture was not agile enough to be scaled with the shift in service demands. Consequently, as customer traffic surged, 365andUP suffered lags and fell short of its commitments for one-minute website monitoring. Therefore it looked for a reliable cloud migration partner to reinvent its infrastructure in AWS, ensuring continuous service availability.

Business challenges

While 365andUP has been a hot favorite among some of the world’s biggest corporations, it hit a rough patch owing to the design of its SaaS delivery model. The company’s web health monitoring platform has been built around a hybrid infrastructure, with AWS and Digital Ocean as the cloud services providers.

During the one-minute website monitoring instances, the data generated in the DigitalOcean cloud environment resulted in a spike in the AWS-bound traffic and a massive data influx into the AWS cloud environment. The situation made it difficult for the client to scale its infrastructure, severely disrupting the web monitoring services.

As the number of customers and websites to monitor increased exponentially, 365andUP’s decision-makers had two clear priorities ahead of them:

  • Upscale and offer improved performance in the face of rising demands to sustain brand loyalty.
  • Find a local cloud-migration leader with the technical capabilities to make it happen

Our approach

PiServe’s consultants and cloud engineers thoroughly assessed the state of 365andUP’s existing cloud infrastructure. The team was convinced that rather than having a hybrid infrastructure, migrating it entirely into AWS would resolve the scalability issues and will bring the client’s website monitoring services back up to speed. Accordingly, our engineers came up with a two-stage approach to drive the migration that involved:

  • Refactoring the website monitoring application to AWS, enhancing its quality, performance, and availability. It positioned the application to be resilient and adapt quickly to the shift in customer demands. Further, the move also simplified application maintenance
  • Leveraging AWS PaaS services fully, making the new architecture lean and agile. It Included using AWS Lambda serverless solution to replace repetitive tasks, using AWS SQS for moving queue management, and reducing team effort by using AWS DocumentDB
  • Also, considering the mission-critical nature of the engagement, we implemented continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) accompanied by automated testing to pace up the deployment and update cycles.

Migration to AWS with excellent cloud-engineering capabilities, without disruption, and realizing a much more agile cloud architecture for 365andUP that is highly scalable, automated, and cost-effective.

The result

With the transition to AWS, the PiServe engineers managed to uplift the overall look and feel of 365andUP’s website, enriching the user experience. However, for the company, the benefits of engagement were far-reaching. A few of them can be recounted as under:

Cost reduction

The migration led to a 40% reduction in the client’s monthly AWS expenses.

Easy scalability

The PiServe solution automated the incident resolution, scaling, and system maintenance for the application.

Workforce optimization

With the major issues resolved, the client’s in-house technical outfit can now focus on revamping the UI and inducting new features.

Business growth

The reimagination of website monitoring services in AWS, 365andUP’s flagship offering, ensured faster business growth and rapid product expansion.

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