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Cloud Managed Services — An Online Food Ordering Gaint
Case Study
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PiServe assists a Middle Eastern food delivery leader to transform digitally and ensure an optimized functioning of its cloud-native ordering app

About the client

The client is one of the pioneers in making online ordering services available for patrons and food enthusiasts across the Middle East. Currently, it is one of the largest online marketplaces in the region and lists thousands of partners across all major cities. The company boasts of having an innate understanding of customer behavior and a unique ability to fulfill customer demands.


As an exceptionally customer-centric business, the client operates on the philosophy of making the preferred food items available for its users, anywhere and anytime, underscored by a rich digital experience. However, such outcomes are guaranteed only if the business applications along the company’s value chain are functioning optimally at any given instance. Therefore the business needed a reliable Application Management Services leader to ensure the peak performance of its digital stack.

Business challenges

The client has been one of the trailblazers in exploring the business possibilities of online food ordering and delivery services across the Middle East. Nevertheless, evolving technology, dissolving market barriers, and an influx of new entrants have led to explosive growth in competition. In response, the organization embarked on Digital Transformation to differentiate, grow and pull ahead of its peers.

However, since the ask was too complex for the company’s internal IT shared services outfit, the client must look for an experienced Application Management Services partner that can assist it in:

  • Managing and monitoring the lifecycle of its mission-critical applications 24×7 with complete visibility into its AWS environment and the IT applications and infrastructure hosted therein
  • Accelerating the time to market for its digital assets with optimized OpEx
  • Steering the company’s digital landscape with skills and expertise to maximize the profitability of its business model

Our approach

PiServe realized that the client’s promises for a seamless digital food ordering experience pivot around the optimum availability of its AWS-hosted application stack. Accordingly, its team of certified System Analysts conducted an exhaustive study of the environment for two weeks, mapping processes, discovering support requirements, and benchmarking KPIs. The outcome was a comprehensive managed services delivery roadmap that involved:

  • A 24x7x365 monitoring of the AWS-hosted infrastructure and applications and support for AWS-driven services
  • Database administration, continuous health monitoring, and the deployment of countermeasures as necessary
  • DevOps support including the enhancement of the CI/CD process, pipeline, and scripts based on future requirements/tools integration
  • Proactive management of the cloud components, including Virtual Machines, Storage, Networks and Security (public subnets, private subnets, security rules, and VLAN), Identity and Access Management
  • Setting up auto alert triggers and notifications to avoid threshold violations for applications and services
  • Incident response and Root Cause Analysis
  • Pinpointing bottlenecks and recommending performance boosts
  • Management of work log on incident resolution and closing of tickets

Ensuring a continuous availability of the applications and services with 100% application uptime & auto-scaling for faster business conversion allowing the client to steadily progress towards the higher digital state that is desired.

The result

While the client merely hoped for a partner to support its business application stack in the cloud, PiServe’s intervention helped it realize a digital landscape wholly attuned to the needs of the industry. Among many positives the PiServe team ensured:

Maximum application and services availabilit

Developing redundancy and continuous monitoring of the AWS-native applications and infrastructure ensured zero downtime

High flexibility

The agile posturing of the digital landscape in AWS allows it to cope with even extreme spikes in traffic volumes


Delegation of the application maintenance and support workloads to PiServe disengaged enough bandwidth for the client’s in-house teams to focus on innovation and service enrichment

Robust security

Implementation of the right control policies allowed the client to meet all compliance obligations effortlessly.

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